Invasive skin care


V Soft Lift – non-surgical face lift

V Soft Lift is a modern and safe alternative to traditional plastic surgery. After a treatment with V Soft Lift, you avoid scars and a long recovery period and get excellent aesthetic results. The treated area may feel swollen immediately after treatment for some, but many of those treated are able to return to their jobs and daily activities straight away.


The thin threads lift the skin and increase its elasticity. The threads that are inserted into the skin are made of the tissue-friendly and biocompatible substance polydioxanone (PDO), which is a well-known substance in the medical industry where it is also used in surgery to suture internal organs.The threads are biodegradable, meaning that the body breaks down the threads on its own after some time, eventually turning them into water and carbon dioxide. The threads also stimulate the skin’s natural production of collagen. A thread lift treatment may only be performed by a licensed professional.

How the treatment works

Thin wires are inserted into the skin for a safe and long-lasting lift of either the entire face or desired areas. It is a completely harmless procedure and has been proven to be very effective for e.g. corners of the mouth, uneven jawline, tear trough or low eyebrows.

A treatment with V Soft Line is quick. Usually no more than 45 minutes are needed to significantly improve your appearance. Some of the results are visible immediately after the procedure, but you will also notice over the next 2 to 6 months after the treatment how your skin feels more and more tight and plump.

The shelf life is typically up to 24 months, but age and lifestyle with e.g. smoking or very intense exercise are factors that can shorten the shelf life. By doing a new treatment with V Soft Line, a so-called “touch up” after 9 months, the durability of the result is significantly increased.

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Uneven jawline - LaDerma
Uneven jaw line
Etrebelle - Atrophic scar - La Derma
Loose skin
Etrebelle - Large pores - La Derma
Sura munngipor
Etrebelle - Rejuvenation: wrinkles - La Derma
Wrinkles and folds
Shaping the nose - LaDerma
Low-set eyebrows
Etrebelle - Volume restoration - La Derma
Shaping of the nose

Combination with other treatments

You can combine a thread lift with fillers and toxins for a complete facelift. If you are interested in more natural substances, you can choose PRF and BioFiller.