Invasive skin care

Muscle relaxant

Muscle relaxant treatment is characterized by being suitable for wrinkles caused by muscle contraction.

It is an injection treatment that blocks the nerve signal that causes a muscle to contract. As a result, lines and wrinkles created by squinting at the sun or frowning, for example, are softened and become less visible.

Treatment with muscle relaxants often takes less than 10 minutes and you will see the effects of this extremely active and popular treatment over the next 3-6 months.At LaDerma, we tailor the treatment to your face and needs. It is important to us that the result gives you both a vibrant and younger look, while maintaining your natural facial expressions.

Muscle relaxant (botox) - LaDerma

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Etrebelle - Rejuvenation: wrinkles - La Derma
How the treatment works

The muscle relaxant treatment is performed by our nurse using a very fine needle to inject small amounts of toxin into the fine facial muscles. The effect is slow and starts to be seen after 3-8 days and will then slowly start to decline after 3-6 months. The treatment can then be repeated. If the effect is not sufficient or if there is inappropriate asymmetry, a ‘touch up’ can be done after 14 days.

Things to consider after treatment

After treatment with the toxin, it is important not to massage or press the treated area for the first 4 hours, so that the substance does not spread to other muscles than those intended.

Side effects

Treatment with the toxin may result in less transient redness, swelling, bruising and itching in relation to the injections. Other side effects are rare. Some people experience headaches for the first few days and very rarely short, mild flu-like symptoms are seen. Serious allergic reactions are seen very rarely. There are no long-term side effects.

Precautionary measures

Treatment is not given to pregnant women, nursing mothers, if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients in the solution (botulinum toxin, human album, lactose, sodium succinate) or if you have certain rare neuromuscular diseases (e.g. myasthenia, Eaton Lambert disease). If you are taking medication such as aminoglycosides, penicillamine, quinine or calcium blockers, the effects of Botox may be enhanced.

Effect of the treatment

In most cases there is a good and clear reduction of the dynamic lines. The effects can vary from person to person. Some must have larger amounts of toxin than others to achieve the full effect. There are also some people who are not susceptible to treatment, probably because they have antibodies that neutralize the effect of the toxin.

Combination with other treatments:
Toxin can be combined in the same session with fillers, skin boosters, microbotox and thread lifts. If you want to do a classic facial or hydrafacial for example, the toxin should be done last.