Skin care

Green peel

Green peel Classic from Dr. Schrammek
60+60 min

Green peel classic is the most powerful peeling of the other green peeling treatments. It is a very deeply cleansing treatment that deeply cleanses the skin, stimulates elastin and collagen, increases metabolism and blood circulation and cell renewal in the skin. Green peel can be used on both the face and body and can treat a variety of skin problems. Different problems that green peel from Dr. Schrammek can treat are: Acne, impure skin, cellulite, sagging skin, sun damaged skin, prematurely aged skin with poor blood circulation, eczema, wrinkles, rosacea, pigment spots and so on.

Part 1 i.e. first 60 minutes

First we clean the skin, then we do a skin analysis, then we do a green peel or so called herb peel and after that we put the rest of the herb mixture as a mask and keep it moist while it is on the skin. Then we finish off with nourishing creams from Dr. Schrammek’s skincare range, taking into account skin type and condition.

After 5-6 days, you come back for the final treatment, which is included in the price listed above for the green peel classic.

Part 2 post-processing

Now it’s time to remove the rest of the herbal scrub after it has worked for 5-6 days on the skin. Now we will also restore the moisture balance of the skin. Here we first start with a cleansing, then we apply a mask, and finish with a nice massage and nourishing creams according to your skin type.

Green peel Energy 60 min

Green peel energy is a real energy boost that you can give to your skin as it stimulates metabolism, blood circulation and collagen and elastin production. Energy helps to reduce impurities, age-related, pigmentation and scarring of the skin. After the treatment, there may be some redness and scaling of the skin, but this is not dangerous.

The treatment itself consists of the skin analysis, cleansing, the green peel, the mask, the massage and the final care i.e.. cream

Green peel Fresh up 60 min

Fresh up is a mild version of the green peel herbal scrub that doesn’t make the skin peel. The skin is cleansed and stimulated at the same time, but you also get a refreshing effect from the herbs. As blood circulation increases and pores open up, the skin is then in a so-called optimal state to better absorb the ingredients that follow. The skin cells are revitalized, you get so much glow and your skin tone is more even. This treatment is ideal for light to medium impurities, age spots, and tired and dull skin. Here we start with cleansing first, then we do a skin analysis, then we do the herbal peeling, then we apply the mask and finally we do a massage and finish with a nourishing cream.

Green peel Express 30 min

Green peel express is a quick treatment perfect for those with tired and gray skin that needs to be refreshed and brightened. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is moisturized and healthy, with lots of radiance and a more even skin tone. The treatment consists of cleansing, herbal peeling, mask and final cream.

Monika Ristic, Skin and Spa Therapist performs the Green Peel treatment at LaDerma Kliniken.

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