Skin care


PRX-T 33 is a skin rejuvenating medical device of the highest quality! The treatment is a powerful needle-free anti-ageing method that naturally restores the skin to its best condition and health. The treatment combines the results of fillers and chemical peels, something previously not possible in a single treatment.

PRX-T33 is a serum with a unique composition of TCA and hydrogen peroxide that is massaged into the skin but can also be combined with other treatments such as Microneedling, Plasma Light, Mesotherapy, PDO, PRF etc. The composition of TCA (Tricholoracetic acid) and hydrogen peroxide minimizes scaling or other unwanted side effects. The result is a plump, clear skin as the treatment works to fill the skin from within while minimizing pigmentation, scars and large pores.

The PRX-T33 is safe to do all year round as it does not produce any light sensitivity. It is also suitable for all skin types.

Combination with other treatments:
PRX- T33 is used directly after microneedling to enhance your treatment result and the effect of the treatment even more. Gives an extra boost to your Dermapen treatment.

Things to consider after treatment:
Use more moisturizing and nourishing products for the skin as the skin becomes more dry in the first days after the treatment. The staff will advise you on proper skin care.

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