Invasive skin care

RRS Hyalift

For those who want to look like you but 10 years younger!

Hyalift® is an innovative injection that provides seven effects such as increased volume, tightening skin structure, deep hydration and intensified collagen formation. Hyaluronic acid is best known as a ‘filler’ and is usually used to add volume to lips or to contour the face. Hyalift differs from classic fillers, thanks to its structure that allows the product to be treated on larger areas to increase hydration and tighten or “reshape” the skin. Hyalift is injected more superficially, just below the skin, where the hyaluronic acid reacts with the tissue to increase its moisture content. You can treat dark circles under the eyes, superficial wrinkles, hands, face & décolletage.

RRS® Hyalift® Hyalift is an injectable treatment that uses 3 milliliters of hyaluronic acid (containing a high molecular weight of 2,700kDa-2,900kDalton) to make the effect last longer. Hyalift tightens the skin while restoring the skin’s moisture balance, combating signs of aging and stimulating the skin’s own production of hyaluronic acid.

In addition to 3 milliliters of hyaluronic acid, Hyalift Pro contains a cocktail of 16 amino acids and 6 antioxidants. The Pro range includes Resveratrol which is a powerful antioxidant important for the skin to protect it from free radicals, which accelerate the oxidation process in the skin cells REPAIR and thus the aging of the skin.

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Effects with Hyalift

Hydrating hyaluronic acid that deeply binds moisture and helps with collagen production. It can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, making it ideal for binding moisture in the skin.

Volume-restoring effect through high concentration of hyaluronic acid with a high moluclear weight without the formation of lumps thanks to its gel consistency as it spreads smoothly and evenly.

Tightening skin structure effect through the active ingredients that stimulate a new collagen formation with elastin and fibrin for a firmer skin structure.

Smoothes wrinkles to make fine lines less visible thanks to the production of elastin and collagen by stem cells.

Hyalift acts with your own tissue and moisturizes the skin with more elasticity & radiance.

Nourishing ingredients with a cocktail of nourishing amino acids and antioxidants that protect, strengthen and also have UV repair properties.

Intensified collagen formation for more resilient skin. Over four weeks, Hyalift works to increase elastin and collagen production. This gives the skin a smoother, more even and firmer look.

Prevents signs of aging through repeated treatments of the Hyalift series unique formulation. With age, hyaluronic acid production decreases, resulting in dry and dull-looking skin.