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Kristina at La Derma is one of the best in the business and sees the uniqueness of each person and makes you your most beautiful self! With her wide range, she has treatments to suit everyone. She doesn’t just see her job as treating a wrinkle, lip or cheekbone treatment but looks after the whole individual and leaves you looking years younger and feeling fresher than ever. She is a role model for the beauty industry and I highly recommend her. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

- Kram Ann

I have been a customer for several years and done lips, eyeliner, fibroblast, etc. and have always been incredibly satisfied. I feel safe in Kristina’s care.

- Bönan Prelund

Can highly recommend vaginal hifu, my leakage problems disappeared after one treatment, in addition, they were painless and no side effects.My best tip for all women with incontinence problems is absolutely vaginal hifu treatment with Kristina who is very professional.

- Malin M

Best clinic I have been to! Kristina is wonderful in every way! Extremely good at what she does! Listens and understands what you are looking for! Have done cellulite treatments, dermapen against acne scars and Fillers in my lips! Everything has given super good results! Will never go to anyone else! 😍

- Sandra Eriksson

Kristina is incredibly talented, experienced and has excellent skills. She is a registered nurse and has completed all the training courses in her field in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Kristina is certified by the top experts and also a leader in the field of plasmalift treatment in the Nordic countries. I am super happy with all my treatments, because of the competence that Kristina has and the security that I feel when I am with her. Thank you! I will always go to Kristina throughout my aging to feel lucky that Kristina does so many treatments that benefit me and I am so grateful for that.

- Caroline S

Amazingly good at everything! I have done lips, eyelids, eyeliner, eyebrows, and cellulite treatment!

- Helena Lundgren

Best is super happy with her treatments is very good, highly recommended.

- Kristina Najmilija

The best beauty salon that ever existed is La Derma!!! I would never go to anyone else you are always so well met and serve top class on all treatments!!! World class at La Derma.

- Anna C

Great experience. The girl is knowledgeable and experienced in what she does!

- Anela S

Monika is amazing, funny and above all dedicated to her work, I enjoyed the treatment like never before!

- Petar N

Monika is calm, pleasant and clear. Describes the entire treatment and then tells you what your skin needs. She concocts a magical mixture that your skin will absolutely love! Highly recommended henne👍🏻

- Nsrin A

Kristina is incredibly skilled and experienced, with a good sense of direction. I have been there and done permanent makeup – always super happy. Thank you Kristina!!!

- Katarina Dahlström

Have done fillers and fibroblast and could not be more satisfied with the result and the professional treatment! All the gold stars in the world for the talented Kristina Budin🌟🌟.

- Sister 3

I have been receiving different types of treatments from Kristina for several years. I feel confident that she is adequately trained and has extensive experience with the skin as an “organ”. My favorite treatment is mesotherapy. It gives my skin a real “boost”. Kristina is helping me to slow down the “aging” of my skin with great skill, and I am extremely grateful that our paths have crossed. Thank you so much for everything you have helped me with over the years, Kristina❣️

- Marie Ekholm Stenrell

Kristina is a super professional, she is very responsive and understands directly what you want and need, so nice treatment, you feel so safe and satisfied, thank you 🥰.

- Marie F

Incredibly friendly treatment and very professional! Can highly recommend the clinic!

- Ann Rydström

Thank you Kristina. As usual, I feel satisfied and happy. I am always treated professionally and you are so careful, even with telling both about the treatment and how the same is managed after. You are worth your weight in gold. Love Anna. ❤️

- Anna Ulriksen

Kristina radiates a calm, warmth and professionalism which makes you feel both welcome and cared for immediately. She is good at involving me in the process by telling me what is happening and what I can expect from the treatment. Highly recommended 🙂

- Amra F

A professional and highly competent treatment. I felt safe and dewy. Pleasant treatment. Recommend where!

- Oktavijana D

Always so happy with Kristina and her expertise. Been a customer for many years, feels safe and that you are in good hands at every visit, highly recommended.

- Emma Å

Responsive and good at what she does, as well as nice treatment will definitely return there. Highly recommended.

- Joseph K

Informative, friendly and caring. Knowledgeable staff. Feels safe!

- Marie A

Wonderful facial treatment! You really feel that you get that little extra … Love to come to la Derma, always feel so well taken care of and super happy with the treatments! ❤️🙏🌹

- Katarina C