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Oxygen skin therapy

Using a unique technique, the skin is treated with a higher concentration of the active ingredient as part of anti-aging treatments.

Oxygen skin therapy is an advanced technique that can only be performed in dedicated clinics. Using a unique technique, the skin is treated with a higher concentration of the active ingredient as part of anti-ageing treatments. The result of Oxygen skin therapy is a unique and refreshing treatment for wrinkles, tired and damaged skin.The treatment is also known as the “Madonna treatment” as rumors in New York say that Oxygen treatment is the superstar’s secret to eternal beauty.DermaOXY Oxygen Lift is a treatment based on concentrated oxygen. A specially developed serum containing the concentrated oxygen is sprayed onto the skin using an air brush.

The skin should be rinsed first (in case of scalp treatment, the hair should be washed first). If necessary, diamond peeling can be performed to remove dead skin cells. The air pressure from the airbrush causes the serum to oxidize while applying light pressure to the skin. This gives a better effect than when applying creams.

The treatment feels like a light breeze on the skin and is refreshing, very comfortable and relaxing. The best results are obtained by repeating the treatment six times over six weeks. However, already after the first treatment you will notice the difference!

We choose the right serum to treat your skin!

  • DermaOXY hyaluronic serum: a highly effective Danish product. The serum is 100% paraben-free. The serum reduces wrinkles and gives a smooth and healthier skin, it increases the elasticity and softness of the skin.
  • DermaOXY vision serum: Danish-produced serum that blocks the possibility of muscle contraction, resulting in the immediate reduction of wrinkles.
Monika Ristic, Skin and Spa Therapist performs an Oxygen Antiaging treatment at laDerma Kliniken.

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Neck and decolletage

  • Provides similar results to laser treatment, chemical peeling and dermabrasion at a lower cost.
  • Reduces sagging skin, lines and wrinkles on the face
  • Improves blood flow in the removal of cellulite.
  • Reduces hair thinning and hair loss (known as alopecia)
  • Reduces skin imperfections, improves skin tone and surface area.
  • Simple therapy with no side effects and rapid recovery
  • Greatly increases the absorption of skincare products from 4% to 87%.

You can combine the treatment with chemical peels or microneedling for even better results!