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Cosmelan® is a world-leading pigmentation treatment that has gained popularity due to its incredible results and ability to treat all skin types on the fitzpatrick scale. Cosmelan® works as a reducing treatment for melasma, age spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and pigmentation from sun damage. Cosmelan® is a two-step treatment.

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A specific treatment product is applied to the skin and a time protocol is activated. The treatment should remain on the skin for a specific time, adapted to your individual skin's pigmentation problem and treatment indication: your treatment time will be between 8-12 hours.

We therefore recommend that the treatment is performed in the morning / morning and that you are free from work and do not need to run errands or have social commitments during the day.As the skin will be sensitive and irritated after the treatment, it is good if you have 2-3 days off after the treatment. Many people therefore choose to book this type of treatment in the morning.You should not stay in direct sunlight for 72 hours from the start of the treatment. More info about preparation, aftercare and how to protect yourself from sun exposure is obtained during consultation and treatment.

The second stage consists of an at-home treatment with a precise schedule.Your practitioner will give you clear directives for the treatment products and complementary home care that your skin will need during the treatment period.During 6 months (minimum) 3 phases will be performed according to a detailed schedule. The routine is crucial for the final result.

Month 1: Phase 1
Month 2-3: Phase 2
Months 4-5-6: Phase 3
Depending on the pigmentation problems, Phase 3 may need to be extended up to 3 additional months.

At the time of treatment, treatment products are included for the first month: Phase 1. You will make 3 return visits during the treatment period.The cost of the return visits is included in the treatment price.Return visit 1 - Day 28
Return visit 2 - Day 60
Return visit 3 - Day 180

At the first 2 return visits, your treatment products should be taken along to ensure correct use. Your practitioner will have ordered the remaining products that you need to buy for Phase 2 & 3 of your treatment.

Incorrect/inadequate use of therapeutic home care can lead to poor results and an increased risk of side effects.

An in-depth consultation is always done before booking a Cosmelan treatment.