Body treatments

Mesotherapy for cellulite

Say goodbye to cellulite and hello to great legs and buttocks!

A medical treatment proven to reduce or eliminate cellulite – Mesotherapy.

Cellulite formation is influenced by hormonal, enzyme-based, psychosomatic, genetic, dietary, mechanical and vascular factors. Mesotherapy is a very effective treatment for this very common problem.
This treatment addresses all the factors that cause the appearance of cellulite, with the main focus on vascular causes.

The active substances are injected directly into the fat layer where they can break down fat cells more quickly and effectively. Feel free to ask for further information on the injections and active substances used during a consultation, as their selection depends on the patient and the problem.

The treatment will reduce cellulite while sculpting the body and providing improved skin texture and skin tightening. A series of 5-15 treatments is recommended, with 1 week between treatments.

Kristina Budin, leg. nurse and Antiaging specialist do a consultation before a Mesotherapy treatment at LaDerma Clinic.

Contact the clinic for further advice or make an appointment for a consultation.

Combination with other treatments

The treatment can be combined with Carboxytherapy, Maderotherapy and also with Fat Freezing for even faster results.