Men Essentials Mesoestetic Men (1+2+4)

Men Essentials Mesoestetic Men (1+2+4)

Set mesoetetic men facial care.


Aftershave Inhibitor Effect 100ml Mesoestetic Men
- Softer skin for longer.
- Help skin to regain the adequate levels of protection, elasticity, softness and moisturizing, with an effective soothing effect.
- Delay hair growth.
- Facilitate epidermal regeneration.

Solution: After shave inhibitor effect. Light non-greasy cream that refreshes, softens, regenerates and soothes the skin after shaving, and delays hair growth.

Eye Contour High Repair 15ml Mesoestetic Men
- A young look immediately.
- Reduce bags and rings under the eyes. Fight and prevent the formation of wrinkles.
- Eliminate signs of fatigue and stress. Calm and soothe.

Solution: Eye contour high repair. Fresh cleansing gel that significantly reduces bags, rings and wrinkles under the eyes and provides instant luminosity.

Hydra Revitalizer Power 30ml Mesoestetic Men
- Technology for perfect skin: energy, vitality and resistance.
- Revitalize dull-looking skin.
- Moisturize and regenerate damaged skin.
- Stimulate cell oxygenation.
- Firming effect.

Solution: Hydra revitaliser power. Light emulsion of a pleasant and easy-absorption texture that prevents and eliminates signs of skin ageing, to produce moisturized and resistant skin.

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